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Read the story of CMS solutions, and on the market and potential future within CMS for websites.

Content management systems 
Powerful CMS systems, read about the various CMS solutions here.

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Userfriendly CMS with professional webdesign

In IntraMedia, we provide standard solutions with integrated CMS, as well as custom solutions, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.
We place a strong emphasis in customer satisfaction, and our CMS systems are continually developed in collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Danish cms system and website design will be further developed and updated to our customers needs and wants, giving our customers an optimum product. Not just now, but also in the future.

We have more than 7 years experience in developing websites with CMS, and thereby accumulated the experience and know-how needed to create a website design that sells and performs. Our CMS solutions are based on factual experience and statistics on the many website designs we have made during the years.
This means that you as our customer from the beginning get a considerated foundation, built on the most prestigious techniques and design patterns in website design and cms, which creates the best possible conditions for you to sell your products to your customers on the Internet. 

Our user friendly CMS (Content Management System) has built in statistics, and can easily integrate with third party statistics party statistics and analysis programs, such as our Google Analytics CMS module. This means that you should not just guess or feel if this goes well and in the right direction with your website design or CMS - You can see it yourself in the statistics in easyweb CMS, which are easy to read and understand. And if there is something in our cms system you do not understand, then we are always available to assist you. 

In IntraMedia, we very focused on delivering full service cms solutions , which means that we do not sit and count the hours when you call in or when we develop a website design or a cms solution for you. We work on your website until it meets the high standards we set for any task. We agree a fixed price, and we will stick to it, thereby you will get no sudden surprises or bills you do not understand. Furthermore, we are always ready by the phone and email to help and advise you, if you have any questions in connection with a website design or CMS system from us - at no charge

If interested, please feel free to call or write us for an informal chat with one of our clever consultants / advisors about the possibilities with a user-friendly CMS and website design.

The talk is of course of no obligation, but will surely give you some ideas about what we can help you with, while you may get a few free advice along the way about the concerns and opportunities you face in connection with a cms system and your website design.

We look forward to hearing from you. :)

IntraMedia - Kattesundet 12 A, DK-1458 Copenhagen K. - Phone no.: +45 35 35 32 50 - E-mail: